IBT Games Releases New Developer Tools

ibt games logoSocial media company IBT Games, creator of sports games like Twenty20 Cricket, Street Football and Slam Dunk Basketball, and a FBfund finalist, has created two new developer products to help smaller applications get better distribution on Facebook.

Currently, larger gaming companies are seeing more growth because they are able to cross-promote new games on older, popular games as well spend more money on advertising.

Though still in beta stages, the two new products, Trackr and Notifyr. The former tracks advertising campaigns while the latter makes sending Facebook notifications a little bit easier.

Of the two developments, Trackr seems to be the more powerful. In a nut-shell, it tracks all of your media campaigns, blogs, and viral channels. However, the tool is actually cross platform; working in whichever social space the developer chooses. Delving more deeply into its analytic capabilities, Trackr is able to report on each of the following:

  • Install conversion from Facebook Ads and other networks.
  • Traffic from invites, feeds, emails, notifications, and bookmark links.
  • Number of installs, unique users, clicks, and geo-reports.
  • Traffic from an external sites using Facebook Connect.

Essentially, the program is a more social network oriented analytics system, but if you don’t have one in mind all ready, Trackr is, actually, free to use. In fact, it takes about 15 minutes to set up. Its developers are also offering a $50 Facebook Ad credit for new users. Of course, if you don’t need another analytics tool, you don’t need one.


The second tool from IBT could also prove useful to Facebook developers. Requiring zero programming, Notifyr is meant to be a solution for all notification sending within any of your Facebook applications. Described by IBT as “your personal Facebook notification sending assistant,” this useful little tool only requires the integration of an iFrame. Once done, it’s only a matter of loading up an existing userbase and sending out the notice. All notifications sent are completely customizable through HTML formatting and targetable to different audiences. Furthermore, all messages can be A/B Tested, saved as templates, and even scheduled for release at specific times.

Though these products are not the end-all-be all solution to the rigors of product distribution, they are certainly something that could help. Interested parties are able to sign up any time at the BrainwaveU.com.