What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About NetBase

NetBase Logo and Tag RGBNetBase provides search and discovery tools using semantic technology to surface insights from billions of sources in public and private online information. Its applications are designed for market researchers, advertisers, product and brand managers to know what is being expressed by consumers in the social media universe as natural language. Patent-pending lenses provide context for search results and intelligently guide users to answers.

After the jump – what you need to know about NetBase.

The application in a sentence

NetBase allows companies to access consumer opinions, emotions and behaviors to drive the direction of a social media marketing strategy.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Designed to make social media market research smarter, faster and cheaper
  • Reads from the social media universe to inform any social media marketing program what is being expressed by consumers in those mediums as natural language, not just key words and sentiment
  • Helps companies determine marketing program success by analyzing which messages or emotions resonated in the social media universe

Coolest feature

NetBase’s ConsumerBase tool gives market researchers and brand managers accurate access to consumer opinions, emotions and behaviors.


Feature rundown

  • Natural Language Processing technology understands full sentences and automatically organizes brand-related chatter in social media content
  • Instant social media analysis from a pre-indexed repository of 10 billion pages and a full year of history for brands enables rapid trending and predictive analytics
  • Performs unlimited brand analysis and brand tracking for a simple monthly user fee without the need for professional services

User profile

Five of the top ten consumer packaged goods companies, including Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola, and two of the top three STM publishers, including Reed Elsevier, are using NetBase. ConsumerBase will soon be available for market researchers, brand managers and anyone who wants real-time consumer insight and predictive analytics.

User review

“NetBase has enabled our market researchers to conduct qualitative market research and report the findings in a quantitative format with a high level of precision and accuracy. We are able to gain a true understanding of how consumers feel about the brands that we study – quickly and easily and from the feedback, the team is very impressed with the tool.” – Glenn Kessler, President and CEO of marketing and communications research company HCD Research



Monthly subscriptions start at $250 per month per seat and $1,500 per month for five topics (a saved search, sold in “five packs” and shared by all users).

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Unlike tools that listen or infer sentiment based on keywords, NetBase understands full sentences and automatically organizes brand-related chatter in social media content with accuracy approaching 90%. NetBase gives users insight into billions of sources of information – including pages on the public Internet and social media postings. ConsumerBase reads and indexes around 50,000 sentences every minute. NetBase speaks four other versions of the English language: Urban words, alternative spellings, abbreviations and common misspellings.”

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