NASA Astronaut Class Of 2013 Application Included Writing A Tweet

Discovery News shared this week that aspiring NASA astronauts were asked to write a Twitter post, a limerick, or a haiku as part of their NASA applications.

NASA welcomed the new class of astronauts on Tuesday at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The eight – four women, four men – might have passed NASA’s social media test, but time will tell if their in-flight popularity proves up to par with their predecessors Chris Hadfield, TJ Creamer and the like, the former of whom kept the world entertained throughout his 146 days on the Space Station with live tweets of everything from performing music to vomiting, the latter of whom sent the first tweet from outer space in 2010.

It’s no surprise NASA included a Twitter component in its screening process, as social media – Twitter in particular – has played a pivotal role in the agency’s communications strategy. With social media manager John Yembrick at the helm of the NASA Twitter controls, the organization has seen massive growth in follower count and engagement.

Case in point:

(NASA Astronaut Class of 2013 image via Flickr / NASA.)