Name Analyzer and Spanish-Language Apps Top This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

Games offer the most significant gains on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users, leaving only a few significant non-game apps scattered throughout the top 20.

It’s led off by My Empire, the newest game from Electronic Arts. The innovative Roman-themed city builder is making waves with players, as we suggested it might when we first reviewed it over at Inside Social Games; that’s also where you can find our take on the DAU gains of the various other games.

Here’s our full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon My Empire 715,564 +615,889 +617.90
2. icon PetVille 3,765,887 +399,202 +11.86
3. icon MindJolt Games 2,819,402 +336,994 +13.58
4. icon Name Analyzer 336,958 +335,298 +20,198.67
5. icon Café World 6,099,510 +252,493 +4.32
6. icon Facebook 18,502,708 +243,808 +1.34
7. icon Entrevista tus Amigos 358,923 +184,522 +105.80
8. icon Frases Diarias 1,019,638 +149,403 +17.17
9. icon Texas HoldEm Poker 5,745,522 +136,127 +2.43
10. icon Causes 1,202,757 +134,357 +12.58
11. icon Nightclub City 708,738 +120,629 +20.51
12. icon Mall World 538,288 +102,572 +23.54
13. icon Ranch Town 194,202 +95,946 +97.65
14. icon phrases 4 fun 126,651 +91,633 +261.67
15. icon Games 487,339 +89,417 +22.47
16. icon Crazy Cow Music Quiz 100,560 +85,521 +568.66
17. icon American Flag 83,971 +81,921 +3,996.15
18. icon Good and Evil 117,491 +77,343 +192.64
19. icon Wild Ones 526,480 +77,339 +17.22
20. icon Baking Life 211,049 +74,963 +55.09

Name Analyzer is the first non-game app to come up. But it actually appears to be the same as Name Analyzer, Name Analyzer and Name Analyzer — yes, those are separate apps with the exact same name. It’s possible that several independent developers are all copying each other, or that the same developer is simply re-releasing the app to repeatedly get a rush of new traffic.

Facebook (for iPhone) is holding its usual place among the top 10; it typically grows adds a little over 1 percent DAU each week. We wrote more about it and other mobile apps earrlier today.

Also take note of Entrevista tus Amigos and Frases Diarias, the two Spanish-language apps at numbers seven and eight. We’ve seen several Spanish apps doing quite well recently; what’s unusual is that just-for-fun apps of their type (quizzes and quotes of the day) usually have quite low DAU as a percentage of MAU (simply, the number of people returning daily). Not so with these two: Frases, in particular, has 15 percent DAU / MAU. That could be because there are still too few apps for the language group, which now claims over 50 million Facebook users.