MySpace Music Crosses the Pond

MySpace Music launched in the United Kingdom, giving U.K. users of the social-networking site access to unlimited free streaming and unlimited free play-listing of audio tracks and music videos, as well as the ability to share play lists via the MyMusic system and to purchase and download music via the iTunes Store.

Artists on MySpace Music also have access to the MySpace Music Dashboard, which launched in October and provides a free analytics tool.

And MySpace Music Charts, which debuted in beta in November, is also part of its U.K. offering.

In addition, MySpace Music announced that it reached an online music license with PRS for Music, which represents 65,000 U.K. songwriters, composers and music publishers.

MySpace Music president Courtney Holt said:

We’re excited to be launching MySpace Music in the U.K., a genuinely innovative service that brings artists and fans closer than ever before. MySpace has always had an unrivalled reputation for encouraging the enjoyment, discovery and sharing of music, and this launch concentrates and expands on that distinctive character. The way people are consuming music has changed dramatically, and we’re aiming to develop an evolving platform that builds a sustainable business for MySpace Music, content licensors and artists, while serving fans in a completely unique way.

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