MyLaundryOnline is actually a simple social networking site

mylaundryonline_logo.jpgBefore you even think that an idea of a social network for all things but laundry is a ridiculous idea, you might want to think again because social network site mylaundryonline may actually be of use to you at one time or another. True to its name, MyLaundryOnline is all about people who provide the service and those who have the need for laundry service. It actually sounds fun!

MyLaundyOnline is actually a pretty simple network with a pretty simple credo. That is to introduce people who are in need of laundry service to the people who provide the service. As simple as that.

It’s objective might be simple enough, but then MyLaundryOnline is also a full-featured social network with rich features and content. Whether you are in need of laundry service for your own personal need, laundry for your office needs, or laundry for business purposes, MyLaundryOnline might be able to help you with its social networking facilities and services. These include:

Laundry Search
Business Opportunity
Online Community
Your Own Profile

But the most important feature of MyLaundryOnline is perhaps the virtual assistant that would just pop out of the screen when you visit the site. Granting that the virtual assistant looks charming, it kind of gets annoying especially if it keeps on streaming continously. But she actually talk some sense, so you might tolerate her existence on the site.

Anyway, if you are in dire need of information, networks for your laundry needs, do check out MyLaundryOnline. I think, its the only social network the serves that purpose, so you will actually be visiting a one of a kind network. Better yet, join that one of a kind network. It’s a privelege not every one enjoys.