Mozer Makes You Into a Mosaic of Your Friends

I recently found another very cool application that I’d call under-used given it’s coolness factor. It’s called The Mozer and it makes your profile into a mosaic made up of your friends’ profile pictures.

Mozer facebook application makes mosaic For those who are not quite sure what exactly a mosaic is, I’ve provided a low-resolution copy of my own (to protect the hundreds of innocent faces who I claim to associate with). I’m the one on the right.

The application is completely easy to use. It makes a mosaic out of whatever picture your profile picture happens to be at that time, so there’s no limit to what you can Moze.

Mozer takes a minute or so to do its thing. It then shows you a high-res version of your mosaic and lets you zoom in all the way to the natural size of the profile pictures of the contacts making up your mosaic.

You can download the high-res copy if you invite 20 friends, or medium-resolution if you only want to invite 10, but that’s crazy.

It also shows you the mosaics created for all of your contacts who have also been “Mozed”.

I’ve asked them to start selling posters. Let’s hope they comply!

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