Mountain Dew Gets 3,500 Phone Calls From Click-to-Call Tweet

Tests new Twitter feature to push Baja Blast soda

Mountain Dew may not be one of the first names associated with direct response marketing, but that's not stopping the Pepsi-owned brand in testing a Twitter click-to-call feature that's akin to the tactics employed by practitioners attempting to reel in sales leads. 

The soda wrapped up a promotion yesterday to launch what is claimed to be its biggest limited-time offer for its tropical-flavored Baja Blast drink. Over the past three years, Mountain Dew says that it has received 30,000 tweets from fans asking about when the product will be available again.

On Thursday, Mountain Dew posted a tweet featuring spokesman and professional skater Paul Rodriguez. The tweet included a click-to-call button when viewed from a mobile device, and clicking on it automatically called a phone number with a voice recording from Rodriguez. To enter to win one of 10 cases of Mountain Dew Baja Blast, users had to leave a voice message. Mountain Dew then called the winners back.

Mountain Dew’s tweet generated close to 600 retweets and more than 1,300 favorites in addition to the 3,500 phone calls. Promoted Tweets also amplified the post on Monday. Seventy-eight percent—or 1,014—of the messages lasted longer than 30 seconds.

The effort builds on Twitter initiatives around Baja Blast from earlier this year. In April, Mountain Dew picked 500 users who had previously tweeted that they wanted Baja Blast to come back with a message that the drink would be available this summer. Eighty-three percent—or about 415—of those users engaged with the tweet that was sent to them. Additionally, a tweet with a picture of the drink generated more than 4,000 retweets and 3,300 favorites.

Mountain Dew declined to discuss the total media spend on the promo, but the effort also includes a branded mobile app and a 15-second TV spot this summer. The brand is running mobile app install ads and is pushing out the video content through Twitter’s native video player to support the campaign.

Twitter began testing click-to-call earlier this year to beef up its advertising appeal towards direct response-heavy brands looking to drive sales leads from social. The company appears to now be ramping up these efforts with Twitter Cards that drive app downloads and collect email addresses.