More Rumors: Apple Tablet in 2010?

I’ve repeatedly said that my MobileContentToday items are not rumor or even break news focused. But, there is one rumor that I will continue to comment on simply because I want it to be true 🙂

My hope is that talking and writing about it can will it into being. Here’s the latest related by 9to5Mac based on a report in the Taiwan Economic News…

Taiwan Economic News: 9.6-inch, PA Semi Apple Tablet due in February, cost $800-$1000

The specs look familiar by now:

– 9.6-inch touch screen
– 3G wireless data (HSPDA
– Priced between $799 and $999

Can I deal with a keyboard-less true tablet? Is $999 too much (probably)? Will it use Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) or the iPhone’s touch OS? I’m betting on Snow Leopard. After various false starts over the years (Microsoft Tablet PC, Nokia Internet Tablet series, etc.), is the day of the tablet finally arriving? We’ll have to wait until 2010 to find out…