More on Nokia’s “Comes With Music” Service

nokia_comeswithmusic.jpgEngadget learned some more details about Nokia’s new Comes With Music service that we reported on a few times over the past week.

You do indeed get free music for a year, and you can keep tracks forever. However, the songs use a particularly restrictive form of Windows-based DRM. You can only play songs on the Nokia device itself and on the computer you downloaded them on. Nokia also hasn’t announced exactly *which* devices this new service will work with.

Finally, Nokia claims that tracks will “typically” be at 192 Kbps — better than Apple’s typical 128 Kbps tracks, but not as good as Amazon’s 256 Kbps (and unprotected!) MP3 files.

Nokia: Comes with Music tracks are WMA 192kbps and 128kbps [Engadget]