More Layoffs At The LA Times

latl.jpgThe losses being suffered by the newspaper industry right now represent more than a reduction in staff, they also represent the loss of legacies. By the end of the month, LA Times expects to lay off 300 staff members paperwide, reports the LA Observer. Veterans were offered voluntary buyouts and many have decided to take this option. Already the paper lost Dan Morain, who reported for their Sacramento division for over 20 years; bureau chief Virginia Ellis; and now the paper can add to its list photographer Lori Shepler, who has been shooting for the paper for 25 years; photo editor Tracy Silveria a 24 year veteran of the industry with 10 years spent at the LA Time; health writer Mary Engel; copy editor Karen Chadjerian, who has also been with the paper for 24 years; and video journalist John Vande Wege.

Tradition has been the pride and joy of newspapers for decades. These layoffs don’t just represent a loss of staff members, it represents a loss of foundation that newspapers once depended upon. And the bad news is that it will only get worse.