Money Themes, Not Christmas Ones, Make This Week’s Facebook Games Up-and-Comers List

Even though simple Christmas-themed applications are getting big with Facebook users, social game developers and players don’t seem as interested — at least judging by our weekly list of up-and-coming games drawn from AppData. ‘Tis the season for gambling and Monopoly-style games continue to do well, apparently.

This week’s top gainer wasn’t just the top gaining game, it also was the only game on the list to more than double its audience. With a 62 percent increase over last month, Playfish’s Poker Rivals is doing a fantastic job separating itself from some of the other Poker and gambling titles on Facebook while still gaining a sizable audience. The title has a monthly user average of 681,908 players and is on its way to making a good showing on both our top 20 daily and monthly average users list. However, it still has a ways to go before it catches up with Zynga’s Texas HoldEm poker game, which has more than 20 million monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Poker Rivals681,908+425,075+62.34
2.icon Super Farkle848,347+215,096+25.35
3.icon Ponzi, Inc.430,715+177,514+41.21
4.icon Youtopia353,498+160,361+45.36
5.icon Top Fish370,557+137,133+37.01
6.icon Minigolf Party941,697+116,497+12.37
7.icon GooBox – Giochi gratuiti302,913+106,367+35.11
8.icon Ask a Friend800,486+106,120+13.26
9.icon Fairyland689,573+105,225+15.26
10.icon Quiztastic!783,931+94,997+12.12
11.icon Ninja Warz375,789+91,045+24.23
12.icon Bite Me184,488+83,515+45.27
13.icon Candy Cane148,306+69,884+47.12
14.icon Rock Legends!972,154+68,702+7.07
15.icon Songs759,654+59,751+7.87
16.icon 歡樂癲地 Funland520,657+56,891+10.93
17.icon COLLAPSE!433,003+55,062+12.72
18.icon Chug It!791,875+48,836+6.17
19.icon Gift Creator736,934+46,139+6.26
20.icon Send Holiday Wishes102,263+45,225+44.22

Note that this list look at up-and-comer games, or those that gained the most new users last week and ended with between 100,000 and 1 million users. This view allows us to spot small but promising apps early in their growth.

Super Farkle, the popular dice game by Offbeat Creations, Inc. has upped it’s user base by 25% to a monthly user total of 848,347. And Ponzi Inc., a multi-player Monopoly-styled game, has boosted its audience by 41 percent or about 178,000 people, with a total monthly user base of 430,715.

Other games that seem to be doing well in recent times is Youtopia by Hive 7 in fourth place. The game allows players to follow their industry of choice straight to the top; it’s the newest title for Hive 7 which has ten games on Facebook including the semi-popular Knighthood, which places 23rd on the up-and-comers’ list with about 407,000 players. Youtopia has a little less than 354,000 players, but received a 45 percent boost last week, and it wasn’t the only one. Bite Me by Three Rings and Send Holiday Wishes each enjoyed a 45 percent boost in attention and monthly average players last week.

Three Rings touts Bite Me as a “[a] strategy RPG set in a world of hipster Vampires,” a timely idea that has helped the title become the 12th up-and-coming title this week with a total of nearly 185,500 players. Meanwhile a different type of timely has helped Send Holiday Wishes, by a developer of the same name, drop onto the list at 20th with steady growth and a monthly user average of 102,263 players. Timely decisions should help both of these games rise in the top 20 ranks for the rest of the month at least.

Meanwhile, the Christmas theme is overall not as interesting a proposition to game developers and players, versus . There are only three holiday themed titles in the top 20 for up-and-comers (and two of them are 19th and 20th) and five in the top 40.  At this rate it seems unlikely to change anytime soon, but we’ll see next week.