Mobile Devices to Get More Social With Android?

Google has officially announced their Android mobile operating system and is looking to change the mobile industry forever. Engaget has posted a number of videos that provide an overview of the new system. I have included one of those videos below. One of the key components of this new operating system is the ability of applications to communicate with each other. Want to build an app that can integrate with a user’s call history? Go for it!

Previously, I had thought up an application that would automatically update your contact’s information in outlook with the last time you spoke with them. If you went too long without touching base, you would receive an automated reminder to contact them to keep in touch. Google is definitely ramping up with the announcement of their SDK as they solidify their partnerships with the 33 launch partners that they announced. If Google is successful with integrating Gmail, Google Maps and their other applications into the majority of handsets, they will now have access to the vast majority of data that users provide via their mobile handsets.

So how will this all impact the social web? Look for social networks like Facebook, MySpace and other competitors to rapidly integrate with the new adroid operating system. Additionally, sites like Twitter and the Loic LeMeur’s upcoming Seesmic (video version of Twitter), will be able to create applications that integrate directly into your phone. Want to know what your friends and family are up to? Simply scroll to the applications that let you see their status updates and videos of what they are doing. Ultimately, this will be a revolution is communications.

One of the largest challenges in building mobile applications has been the lack of resources due to battery power. This has forced application developers to reduce as much processing as possible and has limited the robustness (is that a word?) of applications. Thanks to recent innovations in battery technology, those restrictions will soon be a thing of the past. It appears that this new android operating system will eventually transform the way we communicate. Go take a look at the Android SDK if you are interested in building applications for the new platform.