Mobile App Users Are More Engaged Than Ever (Infographic)

Time spent on the top 100 apps is up across the board and provides important insights into user behavior.

Consumers have embraced the mobile-first mindset wholeheartedly. Marketers need to be responsive to these changes if they intend to keep up in a changing landscape. The second-quarter-2016 report from mobile advertising and marketing platform Opera Mediaworks provides insights into the scale of the growth of mobile engagement and how users interact with applications after first install.

The top 100 apps, as ranked by Opera Mediaworks, revealed interesting data about user behavior. Monthly active users were down 5 percent compared with the first quarter of 2016, while daily active users increased by just over 4 percent. Time spent on using the top 100 apps increased across the board, and the data points to one of the most significant findings of the report: Mobile users are engaging more.

While installs are important metric for apps, it isn’t a reliable indicator of user behavior. Users routinely purge apps in search of better alternatives, and many apps are never used at all after install. According to the report, “post-install events” are a much better indicator of long-term app use and should be your focus when trying to retain users.

App open events such as login, registration, installation or rating an app all provide opportunities to retain customers who may be wavering. Session events such as game tutorial completion, content viewing or use of search features are opportunities to engage with an audience and demonstrate the value of your app. There are also multiple opportunities to monetize app activity, especially when users signal intent to purchase by adding items to wishlists or digital shopping carts.

Check out the infographic below for more data on engagement trends and view the full report for more insight into mobile performance during Q2.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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