Mobile Ads Gain Steam

A recent OPA study entitled “Going Mobile” revealed that consumers do in fact want to spend money on mobile content, or at least tolerate some advertising in order to view it for free. Nothing new here; this seems to be the consensus regardless of the study. Some other conclusions:

– About a quarter of American mobile users say they plan to spend more time with the mobile Web this year.

– More than half of mobile users stay with the same brands they use when surfing on their desktop PC. No big surprise, since many desktop users originally flocked to Web sites put up by the brick-and-mortar businesses they were already familiar with.

– Most users would still like improvements in mobile download speeds, navigation, and “user-friendliness.”

At last month’s Online Publishers Association (OPA) Forum for the Future in London, R/GA Chairman Bob Greenberg said “I always hear about the cellphone as being the third screen, but I think about it as the first one. It’s with me all the time.” True, but somehow we doubt 300 would have the same impact on a cellphone.

Are We Ready For The Next Screen In Interactive Advertising? [Online Publishing Insider]