Mitt Romney Gets Another Dispirited Endorsement

Former President George W. Bush has endorsed Mitt Romney. He did so as he was entering an elevator after giving a speech about human rights in Washington D.C. Actually, he did so while the elevator doors were closing and with the words, “I’m for Mitt Romney.” Well all righty then.

Sources say the former President probably won’t be campaigning for Romney, which is probably best. But Romney seems to get a lot of endorsements through clenched GOP teeth. You’ll recall, Rick Santorum buried his endorsement in an email that was sent at 11p.m. During a Late Night with Jay Leno appearance, he explained (poorly) that the move was intended to make news the following morning and, since he has seven kids, he never sleeps.

But there were reports that both he and Newt Gingrich, who called off his campaign two weeks ago, were trying to wring a little more conservatism out of Romney before throwing him their support. We still haven’t heard anything about a Gingrich endorsement.

Vanity Fair has been playing a funny game of “Romney criticism or Romney endorsement,” chronicling all the half-hearted support the presumptive GOP Presidential candidate has received. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all.

[image: Former President George W. Bush at a human rights event at his namesake institute in Washington D.C. today. Photo: AP]