Being Mistaken For A Celebrity On Twitter Can Be Rough . . . On Followers

Being mistaken for a celebrity on Twitter may sound like fun to some, but for many it isn’t.

Even one of our editors deals with this issue from time to time and it can be frustrating (he’s mistaken for a wrestler). But the big difference between the @Sheamus account and @AndrewGarfield Twitter? Shea doesn’t relish in ridiculing misguided followers, but Andrew Garfield sure does.

NBC Miami posts that “Andrew Garfield joined the Twitterverse with the handle @AndrewGarfield since Twitter’s inception.” Well, not really. He joined about two and half years later actually in January of 2009. Just a week before me!

Equally interesting, as a pretty consistent tweeter I’ve sent out a bit more than 5k tweets. Andrew? His tweets number in the 800’s. He’s a pretty sporadic tweeter, at best.

Why point this any of this out?

Well, although Andrew supposedly HATES the attention he’s received, he appears to be actively courting it – devoting what few tweets he does send to  ridiculing misguided followers.


So I guess he thought this televised interview would lead to less attention? Right.

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Sure, it’s all fun and games now. And maybe it will continue to be for Andrew . . . or will his account end up closed like the misguided Natalie Westerman, who thought it was pretty funny being mistaken for a fiscally challenged bank and responded to folks pretty religiously too. At least she was polite about it though.

But, you tell us. Is this just harmless fun or is Andrew playing a foolish game? Maybe if he added a photo to his Twitter profile, there would be less confusion.

(Who me? image from Shutterstock)