• Hot Child in the City: The new NYT Metro editor is Joe Sexton. Congratulations, Joe! [NYT]
  • The gift that keeps on giving! (Well, 52 times):The Week magazine sold 100,000 gift subscriptions in 2005, which represents approximately a quarter of its paid circulation. Not bad. [Folio]
  • With reporting from I.M. Stubbly: The NYT runs an article on razors, totally horning in on Nick Burns‘ beat. A travesty! [NYT]
  • First-ever gay urban lifestyle magazine…to put the words “ballroom” and “rockstar” in the same sentence: A new national gay men’s lifestyle magazine announces that it will be “the first-ever gay urban lifestyle magazine,” and two things are funny about that: one, there are already plenty (Out, The Advocate, HX, Metro, Details, Cargo, Men’s Health); and two, it’s called Ballroom Rockstar. Let that sink in. Although I’m kind of hooked already. [Folio]
  • Oprah, Oprah, Oprah! Was the entire world watching Oprah yesterday? If you didn’t, see her retraction here, watch clips here, read Slate on the culture of apology here, and get the full story here –> [GC]
  • Black & Buckley: A night to celebrate two giants. [AdAge]