Mini Hug helps you track the quality time you spend with your kids

minihug 650

Personal activity tracker Mini Hug wants to help parents spend more quality time with their children, by encouraging them to keep a log of the time and activities they spend / complete with their little ones.

Created by Bitsmedia founder Erwan Mace and his 7-year-old daughter Lia [pictured], Mini Hug acts like a journal, tracking activities completed with kids, like swimming or exercising, playing a game, cooking a meal, doing homework and so on. The app currently supports 40 activities, but more will be added in future updates.

screen1136x1136Parents earn points for each completed activity, turning parenting into a virtual game of sorts. As parents rack up points in specific areas of engagement, they’ll see other areas that have received less attention, which may inspire them to change things up or add in additional activities in these areas.

In addition, Mini Hug users can view their total activities on pie charts, and measure their earned points over a period of days, weeks or months. In cases where parents want to spend more time with their kids, these stats can show them whether or not they’re achieving that goal.

“People are always so busy nowadays, that they might not even have time for those who should be their number one priority: their children! Mini Hug was created to help parents keep a log of how much time they spend, as well as what activities they engage in with their children,” Mace said. “I work from home most of the time and with both her parents at home, our daughter was hoping to help her friends and other kids enjoy the same kind of privileged time she gets to spend with us. My hope is that this app will encourage parents to spend as much time as they can with their little ones!”

During its initial launch on iOS, early adopters have tracked over 1,500 hours spent with their children. The most common activities have been “eating a meal together” or “putting the kids to bed / bedtime stories.” In addition, over 1,500 individual “hugs” have been given and tracked so far.

Mini Hug is available to download for free on iOS.