Microsoft Spokesman Mocks Financial Times on ‘Bad Reporting’


Frank X. Shaw, the longtime leader of the Microsoft account at Waggener Edstrom, who left the agency last year to work internally at Microsoft, employed his Twitter account to get back at what he called “bad reporting” this weekend from the Financial Times.

The newspaper reported over the weekend that Google will no longer use Microsoft Windows. Google cited security concerns as the reason, but as others have noted, the main reason is likely because Microsoft and Google are now competitors in many spaces, including operating systems.

Regardless, Shaw didn’t like the story. Here are his responses, via Twitter:

bad headline, wrong premise here. Google going google, okay, but free pass from FT on reason = bad reporting.

News flash: Google bans Bing from its computers. Must credit FT. Picture on Bing home page is distracting to G engineers.

News flash: Google bans ford cars using Sync from its parking lot, citing security issues. Must credit FT.

news flash: Google boards up all windows in its global HQ, citing security concerns. Must credit FT.

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