Michael Kinsley Discovers MySpace, Is Suitably Appalled


Poor Michael Kinsley! He’s very distressed that everyday schmos can seek public attention, and get it, thanks to the World Wide Web, aka the internet. Writing in Slate and the Washington Post (the paper of a town that knows its solipsism), he bewails that

But even in their quieter modes, denizens of the Web seem to lug around huge egos and deeply questionable assumptions about how interesting they and their lives might be to others.

He also quotes the ubitquitous and dated (first published in 1993!) New Yorker cartoon about the dog and the internet. Surely vpods can let us know if a poster if a Pomeranian or not.

FBLA thinks he’d prefer a return to the days when self-expression, huge egos and any accompaning notoriety were the exclusive property of the right sort of serious, respectable people–just like him.