Medio: Search Makes for a Better Mobile Experience

During a mobile panel at the Search Engine Strategies conference, Barry Chu, general manager of advertising at Medio Systems, a mobile search engine and ad network, discussed the value of search to advertisers, content publishers and consumers.

medio.jpgAccording to a Mobile Marketer report on the panel, Chu stressed the differences in delivering content via different media, saying, “You can’t just transfer your online assets to mobile. Television has sight and motion. Radio has captivity and mobile has personal reach and relevance.”

He also noted the importance of giving consumers as easy way to view Web sites on their mobile phone. Search, he said, can fill this role by providing a better user experience. The better the experience, the more they’ll use the mobile Web, which will appeal to marketers and advertisers and generate more revenue.

For more on his views of mobile search, you can read the full Mobile Marketer article here.