Media Minutiae: Whee, Friday! Edition

  • Playboy really meant it when they said they were diversifying into multimedia content delivery: According to their 10-Q filing, at the end of the third quarter Playboy Enterprises Inc. purchased an “online distribution business” called ICS for $12 million, and is also looking to buy back all outstanding equity in Your move, Penthouse. Any way you look at it, the consumer wins. Another victory for topless girls in bunny ears! [Folio]
  • What you will never find in an MB “How To Pitch” article: Advice to pitch like this. [Gawker]
  • Jon Stewart likes big butts and he cannot lie: He also has exceptional taste: next Wednesday, November 16th he welcomes writer, hobo hobbyist and esteemed FishFriend John Hodgman on to the program to discuss Hodgman’s delightful book, “The Areas of My Expertise.” We’re so excited for him! Everybody watch! Oh, and listen, natch (sorry but I just love that song).
  • You say Hodgman, I say Hirschman: I just have to send out props to MB’s own David Hirschman for always having creative and funny headlines in the MB daily Newsfeed. Today I liked “Zillionth Dirge for Newspapers Sung,” with props also to “Shine on You Crazy Housewife” though it’s actually a caption in the Radar Online story linked. Pink Floyd = cool. How can you have any pudding when you don’t eat your meat? [MB]