Media Minutiae, “Vloggio Killed The Bloggio Star” Doesn’t Quite Have The Same Ring Edition

  • “There are a lot of people who think it would be fun to run a newspaper. Ever see Citizen Kane?” Dude. Peter Kaplan is so not worried about selling the Observer. [Times UK]
  • Lloyd Grove only wants to see you laughing in the purple paint: Or something. Claire Zulkey at mbToolbox has an illuminating interview with Lloyd, and the backstory to a bastardized Prince reference. [mbToolbox]
  • Oh, SNAP! “Wonkette has been removed, Counterpunch substituted.” Aw, c’mon, Jimmy, give the kids a chance! It’s their first day! [James Wolcott]
  • When The Lights Go Down In The City: Last season during Fashion Week, you may recall that an accident at the Diane von Furstenberg show wherein a bank of lights fell down and struck Karen Hanes Larrain, fashion market director of Cosmopolitan, resulting in a concussion and 30 stitches for the unlucky victim. This year Hanes Larrain, who has filed a lawsuit regarding the incident, has confirmed that she will be attending Fashion Week…just not the von Furstenberg show. No kidding. Good luck this time ’round. [SFGate]
  • On the video, who-oa-oa-oah, on the video: Bastardized Donna Summer is a helluva lot better than the bastardized version of “blog” which is “vlog,” which sounds like an evil yet lazy Transylvanian despot. [NYT]
  • Welcome to Yesterday…the way I’m rewriting it: Gatecrasher Ben Widdicombe reads Page Six vet Ian Spiegelman’s latest murder mystery, and finds all sorts of easily-identifiable victims strewn amongst its pages. [NYDN]