Media Minutiae, Jon Who? Daily What? Edition

  • “Who’s Johnny?” they say, and try to look the other way: Much as we adore the Daily Show and our terrier-like not-at-all-fake fake newsman Jon Stewart, we will concede that it’s on cable. And on late. And has a pretty solidly 18-34-skewing demographic. Even so, it’s won numerous Emmys, and our hero has been on all sorts of magazine covers (look up, people). Also, his guests have included Joe Biden, Rick Santorum, Howard Dean, Ari Fleischer, Colin Powell, Johns Kerry and Edwards, Bill Clinton, Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, to name a few. How is it possible, then, that these senators can not know who he is? (Tom DeLay, we don’t believe you for a second.) It’s true, they don’t have a clue. What they also don’t have: good press people working for them. [The Hill]
  • It was the best of Times, it was the worst of Times, except without the “best” part: Yesterday came news of 500 jobs to be axed at the NYT Co.; today Standard & Poor drops their rating, putting the company’s long-term debt on “credit watch with negative implications” after the Gray Lady lowered earnings estimates. The holiday season is a-comin’ but will the money be a-rollin’ in? Probably not, says the WSJ. Here’s hoping that readers really, really need their MoDo fix. [NYP]
  • And the money kept rolling in, Part II: You can’t make money from blogging. Also, Nick Denton has a very tiny apartment. [Wired]
  • I’d be surprisingly good for you: It seems crazy, but you big-time magazines must believe in the blogosphere: first the WSJ reaching out to bloggers with their “Free” program (catchy, ain’t it?), then Newsweek partnering with Technorati, and now the Economist, reaching out to key bloggers so they can “nurture the influencers,” providing free access to content and a gentle push towards linkety-love. That’s so weird, we haven’t heard from them yet! Yoo hoo, Economist! Over here, right in your target demo! Do you like the song we picked for you? Sorry, “The Money Kept Rolling In” was taken already. By blogs. [Folio]

UPDATE: Ha, great minds think alike, and fools seldom actually look at headlines. I hurriedly clicked on the Hill link above, sent by a friend, and did not even notice the brilliance of Betsy Rothstein’s headline. Which was uncannily similar to my headline above, and by that I mean totally identical. Sorry about that, all we want is to make David Frum proud.