Media Minutiae: Badder Than Old King Kong Edition

  • Kiss the ring: Judith Miller is apparently the most popular girl in prison, at least according to WaPo which describes the parade of A-list guests making the pilgrimage to the Alexandria Detention Center in order to see her. So far she’s received 99 visitors, including but not limited to the likes of John R. Bolton, Tom Brokaw Bob Dole, Mort Zuckerman, book editor Alice Mayhew (is there a book in the wings?), (stalwarts include Bill Keller, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., William Safire and Jill Abramson) we know, has been by). For every visitor she has — sometimes up to three in her allotted 30 minutes –there are more fruitlessy requesting time with her: “She has to turn people away,” says a longtime friend. For all her high-powered popularity, though, WaPo says that Judy gracefully steps aside when her cellmates are choosing communal TV shows, letting them have their choice (though someday, and that day may never come, she will on them to do a service for her). [WaPo]
  • The New Yorker watches bad fall shows so you don’t have to: The New Yorker’s Nancy Franklin manages a sweeping diss here here for the upcoming “Ghost Whisperer” with the “damp” Jennifer Love Hewitt: “This lump of lead replaces ‘Joan of Arcadia,’ an entertaining show that actually grappled with issues of life and death and the existence of God and of evil; the explanation that Leslie Moonves, the chairman and C.E.O. of CBS, gave when he cancelled ‘Joan’ was ‘I think talking to ghosts may skew younger than talking to God.'” Give ’em what they want, people! Not so much, says Franklin: “…I swear I can hear a ghost whispering to me that the show will soon be crossing over to the other side.” [New Yorker]
  • The New Yorker watches Anderson Cooper so you don’t have to, though you probably want to: Like many of us, Franklin was impressed with what she saw during Hurricane Katrina: brave, intrepid reporting from an outraged newscorps. She liked what she saw but wishes it would stop there: “Let them be themselves; let them bring all that they are to their jobs. Let them be stars, as they have been on the Gulf Coast, and then let them — make them –leave it at that.” Hm. Novel idea. I have a bridge in Brooklyn that our Nancy just might want to buy… [New Yorker]
  • Get on your bikes and ride! (Away from me, please) According to Andr&#233 Leon Talley on Oprah, Vogue editrix Anna Wintour doesn’t like fat people. Yes, that’s a good place to drop that little nugget, no one watching who might get offended there. [NYDN]
  • I have to say “Campbell Brown is rumored to be in line for Katie Couric’s job” in a song:
    She’s a fave on the Today show
    And to New Orleans she went down
    And when Katrina hit she kicked ass coverin’ it
    And her name is Campbell Brown
    She didn’t shower, chased the story
    Slept in the back seat of her car
    And now the U.S. News
    Reports some rave reviews:
    That Campbell’s NBC’s new star
    Well she’s bad ass Campbell Brown
    Steppin’ up when Katie C. steps down?
    Or off to anchor ABC?
    If you have intel, email me!
    (Or just sing along.)[US News]