Media Minutiae*

  • Auf Wiedersehn, Mein Herr: A spokesman for Time Magazine today confirmed that Berlin Bureau Chief Charles Wallace will be leaving his post and the magazine at the end of the month. Time‘s man in Vienna, Andrew Purvis, will be stepping into the role, consolidating the two bureaus. The spokesman could not confirm the rumor we’d heard that Wallace had been let go.
  • “Howie, Howie, Howie…” Our bro down at FishbowlDC has some hilarious Cruise Fan Fiction: what would happen if Tom Cruise went on Reliable Sources?
  • “Howie, Howie, Howie…” Part II: Said bro should know, he just wrote a big ol’ feature on Kurtz for The Washingtonian, not to be confused with The Washingtonienne, but don’t worry, it’s still a very spicy read, especially if you picture Kurtz in that lacy pink push-up bra while you peruse it.
  • I want my OTV (II):
  • With the help of some liberally-popped Ritalin, the liberally-downloaded “Today” show video star Tom Cruise is steadily ascending the Scientology ladder toward heaven, according to Salon, who says that Cruise may have already attained the coveted OT-VII designation in the church. Well, “coveted” by Scientologists. We were kidding, lawyers for Tom Cruise, he’d never take Ritalin. Word on the street is he hates the stuff.

  • Judith Regan, salonista for your ears: NY-to-Cali publishing doyenne Judith Regan joins Sirius radio as the host of her own weekly 2-hour talk show. We are open to reader fan fiction imagining Tom Cruise as a guest. We’re guessing Regan would be a mite less patient than Matt Lauer.
  • *Once again, completely different than Media Miscellany