Media Is Dying! Media Survives! Depends On Who Is Tweeting!

meddgyelog.pngYesterday FishbowlNY was kind enough to reveal who is behind the mass tweets that are keeping us abreast of media’s epic fail in real time! Former MySpace publicist Paul Armstrong stepped out of the shadows and confessed to running the ever popular mediaisdying Twitter feed.

In an article for Business Week, Paul casually talks about how chronicling the death of media takes him, at max, 90 minutes a day. He then continues the simple and dumb metaphor by comparing this downfall to blockbuster catastrophe films like “Titanic” and “The Perfect Storm”.

It’s always been easy to point to the negative. Should we be giving Armstrong credit for simply codifying the worst in media news or should we look to a feed that’s a little more difficult to create right now (and obviously less controversial&#151i.e. less popular)?

In an effort to combat all the negativity being overly reported, Rick Webb, chief operating officer for The Barbarian Group, and Noah Brier, head of strategic planning, created the Twitter feed mediaisthriving.

“I was never a ‘good news’ kind of guy, but the bias is starting to bug me,” Rick told the New York Times.”It was bringing me down to only hear about the doom and gloom of the industry, when it’s really not all bad news.”

Take yesterday’s news that The Economist‘s ad pages are actually up 15 percent or that online newsletters are actually turning a profit.

I’m guilty myself of checking (and reporting) the worst news before the more hopeful, but isn’t a reporter’s job to create fair, balanced and accurate stories? If this is the case, shouldn’t we be demanding a little a more nuanced perspective from the feeds that bring us our news?