Mall In Manhattan Still Pretty Much Just A Mall


We stopped into the Whole Foods at the Time Warner Center yesterday and spent about one sixteenth of our conversation discussing the various design elements (we are visual critics, after all, work to live and live to work). First, there are way too many wack-ass details and prisms for a glass building. Second, the graphics for Jazz at Lincoln Center pretty much define tacky. Third, we want Whole Foods to be our mommy. We don’t think we’re alone here. And now that Charlie Trotter’s pulled his planned restaurant out, the future of TTWC’s culturescape place is, at best, uncertain. The Times does a post-partum assessment.

It began as a concept with, at best, a checkered history: a mall in the city. This one was to look different, with quartz and granite and an irregular shape, and be different, with very expensive restaurants instead of a food court.

We think they’re learning that angles and Per Se do not an urban landscape make. Which is too bad, because we really wouldn’t have minded being neighbors with Ricky.