Malcolm Gladwell Is Twice the Man Noah Tall Is

i name my image files every time but i'm pretty sure no one actually notices, except you.pngWe left you yesterday, dear reader, with tidings of Noah Tall, the dashing, mysterious, not at all diminutive author of Blink parody Blank. Turns out that Noah Tall is, in fact, ESPN Books editor/former Premiere editor Michael Solomon and AdWeek columnist Lewis Grossberger. One could be forgiven for assuming that they sounded somewhat shorter than their pseudonym implied.

But everyone knows what happens when you assume – especially when you do so in a split-second movement of the eyelid down over the eyeball and back again. But really, it’s not your opinion we’re interested in right now. To that end, we asked Malcolm Gladwell what he thought of the revelation, especially since he had earlier professed to being “slightly terrified” to meet Tall. His split-second verdict? Menschly as always:

i’m slightly gratified that it took two writers to parody me. i’d hate to think i could be parodied by just one. 🙂

The emoticon clinched it: Malcolm Gladwell is a very good sport.

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