Make Green Count Is Red-Hot for NBC Universal

NBC Universal reached its initial goal with its first-ever “green” Facebook application so quickly that it set a new goal of 10 times the old goal.

Make Green Count launched on the social-networking site Friday as part of NBCU’s Green Is Universal initiative, with a goal of reaching 100,000 green “points,” which would lead to a $10,000 contribution to the Nature Conservancy’s Gulf Restoration Fund.

It reached 100,000 points within 24 hours of launching, and NBC Universal set a new goal of 1 million points, after which another $10,000 will be donated.

The media company created Make Green Count with Buddy Media, a creator of user-engagement tools that raised $23 million in series-C funding last month.

Users earn discount coupons by agreeing to participate in green activities, such as “power down your computer” with USA Network, for which users receive a coupon for 20% off a “smart” power strip from

Green Is Universal vice president Beth Colleton said:

We are excited to tap the power of the NBCU brands and today’s new media to help make a positive impact on the environment. Offering an easy way for consumers to add their green stories and commitments into their social-networking rhythm, this application is also a great tool to help spread and expand the green dialogue on the Web.

Practically Green is helping to calculate the impact of each pledge, and Susan Hunt Stevens, its founder and CEO, added:

We are thrilled to partner with Green Is Universal on such a worthwhile, smart, and creative program. It’s one thing to ask people to wash their clothes in cold water, but giving consumers a tool that both shares their pledge behaviors and reduces the cost of a green lifestyle adds incentive and provides a reward for acting more environmentally responsible.