Madre de Dios! Can this be true? Indictments?

Every once in a while, we here at FishbowlLA receive news that is so startling, we can only stare intently at our bubbling air pump/treasure chest to obtain any modicum of succor. pellicano[1].jpg


Take for example, a tidbit that RADAR magazine reports today, that the U.S. Attorney’s office may offer up indictments of certain attorneys who used the services of the now incarcerated Private Dick to the stars, Anthony Pellicano.

If true, the Katzenberg vs. Disney fight will be reopened, as well as Tom Cruise’s messy divorce from Nicole Kidman. Quelle horrible!

But here’s one Pellicano rumor that doesn’t check out: Paramount chairman Brad Grey has not – repeat NOT – hired crisis PR specialist Sitrick and Company. Sitrick entertainment PR chief Allan Mayer tells me that it’s a rumor going around amongst reporters, some of whom have, like me, inquired of him to see if Grey was so worried that he’ll be swept up in U.S. Attorney Dan Saunders’ net that he’d hired Mike Sitrick.

Nevertheless, all Hollywood is waiting to see what might befall super lawyer and occassional Pellicano employer, Bert Fields should indictments come down.

I can’t take this kind of tension; if you need me, I’ll be inside our plastic fish castle.castlle1.jpg