LivingSocial Brings Urban Adventures to its 10 Million Members

While 70% off spa packages and half off dinners are nice, daily deals heavyweight LivingSocial has announced today a new type of deal it’s offering to its 10 million members – urban adventures. This is a result of LivingSocial’s acquisition of Urban Escapes, a social adventure company, and it signals that LivingSocial is stepping up its efforts to surpass Groupon as the number-one daily deals site on the web – efforts that appear to be paying off.

Acquiring Urban Escapes means that LivingSocial is able to add a new dimension to its daily deals. They have expanded their roster to include deals like “Zen Escape Yoga Hike” and “Boulder and Brew Tours”, urban adventures they are hoping will pique the interest of their members.

The new offerings will be available in five markets starting today. Urban Escape staff will work closely with LivingSocial staff on the ground in each market, maintaining the emphasis the company has put on the local.

Maia Josebachvili, founder and president of Urban Escapes, is excited about the new arrangement:

“People who use LivingSocial are already looking for fun, new things to do in the area they live or where they’re visiting. We’re passionate about organizing experiences you could never arrange on your own and this acquisition is the perfect opportunity for us to expand these completely unique, guided experiences around the globe.”

This acquisition is the first of its kind for LivingSocial, but not the first aggressive push the company has undergone in order to take the position of market leader. In the past month and a half alone, LivingSocial has expanded into 25 new markets in three cities and introduced “hyperlocal” deals in several markets that target neighborhoods within cities.

According to statistics from Compete, LivingSocial surpassed the daily deals leader Groupon in the month of September in terms of unique visitors to the site. LivingSocial saw 7,818,717 unique visitors in September, while Groupon saw 7,592,723. It looks like LivingSocial’s expansions and new offerings mean there is a new daily deals leader in town.