LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen Price Drop!

I waited well over a year after LiveScribe released its Pulse Smartpen to buy one this past spring. And, I’ve made very good us of the Pulse since then. If you’ve been holding off buying one yourself, you may want to take a look at the new lower price points announced this week…

Back to Work! Save $20 or More on a Pluse smartpen Now!

The 1GB model is now $129.95. The 2GB model is $169.95. And, the Pro-Pack which includes the 2GB Pulse model, 5 notebooks (instead of just 1 sample notebook), and a bunch of ink refills now sells for $209.95.

If you decide to buy a LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen, my advice is to skip the 1GB model and get the 2GB model. More is definitely better in this case.