Live Twitter Feed Insert to Be Included in Print Edition of Entertainment Weekly

Score one for the creatives over at Entertainment Weekly. The October 5th edition of the magazine will feature an LCD insert that displays live tweets, updated in real time.

We’ve seen LCD screens in print magazines before, usually used as a fancy promotion and featuring some sort of video playback. However this is likely the first time that a live Twitter feed will stream through the pages of a print magazine.

As The New York Times reports, the insert is being used to promote the CW network’s newest show in its fall lineup, “Emily Owens, M.D.”

The insert will first display a short video promoting the show, and then the six latest tweets sent to the network’s Twitter account @CW_Network.

CW’s executive vice president for marketing and digital projects, Rick Haskins, told The New York Times that the six latest tweets would only be filtered for profane language, and not for negative comments:

“To me that’s what starts the dialogue. We will not editorialize that out. We no longer own our brand. The consumer owns the brand and the more people that embrace that and entertain it, the stronger the brand is going to be with their audience.”

Twitter has a long-standing relationship with the television industry. Fox’s The X Factor was the first reality TV show to open up voting to Twitter back in October 2011, and the movie Prometheus was promoted using the first-ever live Twitter commercial. And Twitter is so ingrained into TV culture that 20 percent of TV viewers can recall seeing a hashtag in their latest sit-down session.

(Magazine image via Shutterstock)