LinkedIn Goes Mobile, Introduces 5 New Mobile Features

Among the current crop of social networking sites today, LinkedIn is the more popular and widely used by the more serious business professionals. Due to its serious business tone, LinkedIn can best be described as the Facebook, MySpace or Friendster of the social networking world. It’s the best place for business professionals and technical people to network with industry people that matters.

And now, LinkedIn becomes even better with the launch of its mobile version, finally! LinkedIn mobile is available for any mobile phone with the wireless application protocol (WAP) enabled. LinkedIn mobile is accessible through your Blackberries and even the iPhone.

LinkedIn mobile which can be accessed by pointing your mobile phone’s web browser at lets you do the following on your mobile devices:

Search LinkedIn profiles (including photos and bios) right into your mobile phones. So, when you are about to meet a new business contact but you forgot about his credentials, you can easily access LinkedIn mobile and search for the contact’s LinkedIn profile.

Research common contacts for easier and more realistic business referral and introductions.

Invitebusiness contacts you meet in the real world to be your LinkedIn contact just by asking for their email addresses. Yes, no more boring exchange of business cards folks. This is a brave new world!

Receive regular network updates about your LinkedIn contacts even while on the go.

International language version available such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese with more to follow.

Want more details? The LinkedIn blog has this interesting video about what LinkedIn mobile can do.