LinkedIn CardMunch iPhone Business Card Scanner App Update Results in Ticked Off Users

LinkedIn announced a 3.0 update for its business card processing app for the iPhone. The app’s main function is to take a photo of business card and then convert the information on the card into contacts.

The updated app features:

– A new app design and camera capture interface
– Mapping information from a scanned business card to LinkedIn profiles
– Add notes while waiting for the scanned card to be processed by LinkedIn servers

LinkedIn’s New CardMunch iPhone App: Reinventing Business Cards

While these new features sound extremely useful, comments and customer ratings in the iTunes App Store indicate that this update has disappointed CardMunch users. The app currently has a 2-star average customer rating (out of a possible 5). Nineteen of the 37 reviews gave it a 1-star rating. Unhappy user comments include:

– “This app has less functionality than the last app!”
– “The last version was much better at least it didn’t freeze up everytime I try to add, update or sync!!!”
– “Features removed with upgrade”
– “Lost the ability to sort by company name”
– “Cannot sign in” (a comment note by numerous users)
– “Disabling functionality is not progress”
– “This app went from being the best app I had to totally worthless. It does not automatically sync to my contacts [as it previously did]

CardMunch can be found here in the iTunes App Store: CardMunch – Business Card Reader by LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn