LinkedIn Announces Elevate, Prompting Employees to Post Company Content

Elevate combines algorithmic recommendations from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle, as well as human curation, to suggest content employees could share.


Some of the most powerful brand advocates are the ones holding company business cards. LinkedIn wants to harness this, launching a new product — Elevate — that allows companies to curate and share company content, and measure the effectiveness.

LinkedIn’s Will Sun explained the need for Elevate:

For example, when a LinkedIn member shares six pieces of content, on average, they receive six profile views and make two new connections, which helps them strengthen their professional brands. At the same time, the company they work for receives six job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower, which helps them better hire, market, and sell. Despite that, our research shows that only 2% of employees share content their company has shared on LinkedIn. Yet they drive tremendous value. They’re responsible for about 20% of the overall engagement  – clicks, likes, comments, and shares – that content receives. That’s not surprising given employees have 10 times more connections than their company has followers, and people tend to be considered more authentic than companies.

Elevate can be accessed though desktop, as well as apps on iOS and Android. It allows employees to schedule content posting when their networks are most active. Elevate combines algorithmic recommendations from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle, as well as human curation, to suggest content employees could share.

Cory Edwards, head of Adobe’s Social Business Center of Excellence, commented on how Elevate helped his employees share more, leading to more attention for the company:

This product helps our employees start social conversations about Adobe and the industries we serve. Adobe employees who participated in the LinkedIn Elevate pilot drove 80 percent more Adobe job views than they did previously and in February alone, each participant drove three to four new trial downloads for Adobe solutions. Our employees want to be active on social media, and LinkedIn Elevate offers an easy platform to provide them with insightful content that they will want to share.

Readers: What do you think of companies prompting employees to post content?

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