Learn About Your DNA, Online and Off

So much of the Web focuses on meeting other people. From romance to friendship – many of us are constantly expanding our network. What ever happened to self-discovery? I’m talking about using the Internet to find out what we’re made of. 23andMe hopes to do just that – literally.23 and meThe service lets you gain deeper insight into yourself by analyzing your DNA. Yes, CSI finally comes home.

Users are mailed a saliva kit that includes a bar-coded tube. The sample is then sent to a lab where over 500,000 points in an individuals genome will be extrapolated to create a genetic profile. This work-up can reveal studies and traits that relate to your genome. Aside from potentially uncovering your susceptibility to certain illnesses, you can also discover your genetic roots.

One of the ultimate goals of 23ndMe is to create a community that will foster the understanding of the human genome.

If you though sharing your credit care number online is risky business, what about your DNA? The site says it’s secure, but this service is probably not for the faint of heart. We’d like to hear a bit more about how your information is kept private.

The information ascertained from your DNA is said to be presented in an easy to digest format that can be comprehended by anyone – not just those familiar with Eppendorf tubes.

Will genetic awareness become the next Web craze? Personally, I think the idea is great. However, at $1,000 a pop, this blogger’s budget will force him to stay genetically aloof.

Information about your health, inherited features and unknown talents can help people better understand who they are and bring people together.

Will Match.com and eHarmony eventually play matchmaker based on DNA? Will Monster ask for a saliva sample along with your resume?

1984 looms ahead and I’m waiting with open arms. And saliva.

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