Leaked Flo TV Touch Screen Interface?

Flo TV provides streaming TV service to phones. Unfortunately, it requires a custom Qualcomm chipset that is only found in certain feature phones. So, it is unlikely that a smartphone fan like myself will try it (FloTV) anytime soon. However, after discussing the topic in a podcast…

Podcast 33: FloTV Streaming TV Programs-Jonathan Barzilay, Head of Programming

…I have maintained an interest in the topic. And, CrunchGear reports that they have…

Qualcomm FLO TV user interface images leak into our inbox

It shows Flo TV with a touch screen interface. And, if the images are to scale, the screen may be quite a bit larger than, say, the iPhone’s.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Apple announces a tablet form factor with the Flo TV Qualcomm chip in it? I don’t expect that to happen later this morning. But, if it does. You heard it here first! 🙂