Laughing About the Carnage

Just in case you didn’t hear enough about layoffs, the recession or the economy via the newspaper, internet or nightly news, ABC has decided to throw its hat in the ring and bring the stories to prime time television, reports Advertising Age.

The mouse house’s television arm has decided to invest in two pilots that center around all the layoffs taking place in America right now. The first will be a Mr. Mom situation. Kelsey Grammer plays a Wall Street millionaire unseated by the economic downfall. Forced into a domestic role he must get to know the family he hardly knows.

The second comedy is set to be a post-boom “Friends”. “Canned” is about a group of Gen-Xers fired from their lofty banking jobs, who must now take stock of their lives. When initially pitched to executive producer Peter Traugott, the series was declined, but as the economy worsened execs decided to give this show a go.

The question is, do we really want to laugh at our unemployment? Personally I have trouble finding too much to laugh about being unemployed.