Korean Game Company Nexon Grows in Europe

Nexon EuropeOf all the virtual goods based games in the world, one of the most successful has been those developed by Nexon. In the past, we have seen the Korean company excel with both Asian and North American audiences, but just how well are they doing in the world’s other major market: Europe? Though the privately held casual gaming site is not required to release numbers, it released some to show how well it’s doing.

There are two Nexon games in question when referring to the Nexon Europe game portal: MapleStory and Combat Arms. While the company was founded back in 2005, Nexon’s European branch has actually only been around since 2007. As of May and June of this year, it has saw a 168% increase in year-on-year revenue for Europe alone. In comparison with other released numbers, overall revenue for Nexon was up 35% year-on-year.

Nexon also reported that its European rendition of MapleStory comes to around 1.2 million active users. Its other title, Combat Arms, which launched in Europe in February, falls short of this total with 800,000 registered users and a concurrent user count of 12,000. To add some perspective to these numbers, in the United States, Combat Arms was reported, back in February, to have had a total of 2 million users, according to Virtual Goods News, with its launch having been in October of 2008. Granted, the Amercian version has been around longer, but it still had around a million users in its first month; so relatively speaking, the European release is growing significantly slower.

Despite the slower start for Combat Arms, the European market has still been effective for Nexon. In general, the average monthly revenue growth, year-on-year ,for the first six months of 2009 has been 105%. Curiously enough, Q1 only had a 63% growth in revenue while Q2 was reported to have an impressive 146% increase. Moreover, Nexon has stated that Q1 and Q2 alone have exceeded the total revenue for all of 2008.

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