King brings Pyramid Solitaire Saga to mobile

pyramid solitaire saga 650

Candy Crush Saga developer King has today announced the release of its popular Facebook game, Pyramid Solitaire Saga, on mobile devices. The game is the company’s “first ever card-based cross-platform game,” which asks players to complete stages by tapping on cards one number higher or lower than an active card from the deck.

In each level, players must complete a different set of requirements before running out of cards in their draw pile. The formation of cards at the top of the screen resembles a set of mahjong tiles, as players can only remove cards that are completely uncovered.

Most levels ask players to clear special gold cards from the screen. These cards are removed just as traditional playing cards, but they’re typically buried under large piles of cards which must be removed first. Levels may also ask players to complete large combos, where they remove large numbers of cards in a single turn, without drawing another card from their deck.

Levels become increasingly complicated over time, with locked cards (and associated key cards), cards wrapped in a mummy’s bandages, cards overgrown with ivy and so on. Each of these obstacles limit the ability to instantly play certain cards from the board, and introduce a deeper element of luck to the game. That is, if a single ivy-wrapped card remains on the board, and it sits on top of a gold card, players are at the mercy of the “luck of the draw” for level completion.

Levels are placed in groups, and users earn up to three stars on each level. Eventually, players will need to ask their friends for help unlocking additional level sets, but “solo” players aren’t forced to do so, as a countdown timer will eventually unlock additional stages for free (or they can be purchased instantly with real money).

The game’s cross-platform support means previous Facebook players can pick up their progress on mobile, right where they left off. Finally, a set of power-ups is available for purchase, offering additional cards in the draw pile, bonus “wild” cards and more.

As of this writing, Pyramid Solitaire Saga offers 140 levels, and is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.