Kinectimals for Windows Phone: More Fun Than a Barrel of Lions, Tigers and Cheetahs

How much fun can a game be that has no car chases, weapons fire, thrown birds or violence? The answer is quite a lot if it is the newly released version of a an Xbox 360 favorite Kinectimals. Kinectimals for Windows Phone costs $2.99 and doesn’t require the human player to jump and twist as required when using an Xbox 360 with Kinect. Your fingers, however, will get a workout interacting with the virtual big cat on the screen.

The game starts by choosing one of several big cat types including tiger and lion cubs. The training exercises helps you both learn how to play the game as well as earn game money to buy food and other supplies. You can get a quick idea of what can be done in the early stage of game play in the video I created (embedded below).

One of the things that surprised me the most about Kinectimals for Windows Phone is how much fun people seem to be having with the augmented reality camera feature. I saw numerous Kinectimals photos created by friends appear in my Facebook status update stream. The camera feature lets you place your virtual big cat into a photo of the real world. You can use an existing photo or take one from within the app. You can see an example of how this is done in the embedded video below. The resulting photo can be saved to an album and shared via email, Facebook or Twitter.

You can find the game in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

Kinectimals for Windows Phone

Disclosure: Microsoft provided the app free of charge for evaluation purposes