Kim Kardashian Apologizes For Breaking the App Store With Kimoji Launch

However, experts feel that the reality star did not really "break the App Store."

When Paper Magazine said that Kim Kardashian was out to break the Internet, maybe they weren’t wrong?

Kardashian’s emoji app, Kimoji, debuted in the Apple App Store Monday to great fanfare. Currently, it is the top paid app (knocking Minecraft: Pocket Edition off the pole position). Kimoji is also the App Store’s no. 11 highest-grossing app, generating more revenue currently than much-advertised games Boom Beach and Mobile Strike.

The app — which features emoji of Kim’s most famous assets, as well as food and makeup — apparently caused an interruption in the App Store. While the app is very popular, it currently has only a 2-star rating.

In a Facebook post and stream of tweets, she apologized to fans and followers about the App Store error.

However, experts feel that Kardashian did not really “break the App Store.” Rahul Joshi, managing director of The App Geeks, told BBC that it’s not unusual for the App Store to go down periodically:

I’ve had a look at the usual third party App Store monitoring websites and they’ve not reported anything that would [back up] her claims. It’s probably a bit of hype.

Mashable’s Karissa Bell has a likely explanation for what happened:

While the App Store has, on occasion gone down for short periods of time, there’s no evidence that such an outage occurred Monday. Even so, an App Store outage would not cause an app that had already been downloaded to suddenly stop working. What’s more likely, is that the developer’s servers were overloaded with so many people flocking to the app at once, a scenario that Kardashian appeared to confirm as well.

Readers: What do you think of the Kimoji app?

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