6 Ways To Kick-Start Your Twitter Efforts In 2013

It’s a brand new year, with a 12-month clean slate: the perfect opportunity to assess your social media presence and evaluate what needs a little sprucing up.

Need a place to start? We’ve got a few suggestions for ways to kick your Twitter efforts into high gear in 2013.

No matter your goal – gain followers, tweet more regularly, get more retweets, get your various Twitter accounts organized – we have a tip to help you out.

1. Perfect your Twitter bio. First things first. As we’ve written before, your Twitter bio is a key component of your identity on the platform, and a prime location for branding and visibility on Twitter. And since your bio is limited to 160 characters, why not make them count? It’ll set the tone for a productive, engaged year on Twitter. Here are a few tips for sprucing up your Twitter bio this year.

2. 2013 is the year of the visual – embrace it. Visuals are becoming a vital component of social media. And you need to get on board. Whether you’re blogging, doing media relations or digital marketing or just trying to connect with a group of peers, great photos and videos will drive your success. Don’t know where to start? We love visual.ly for infographics and Vimeo’s Staff Picks for videos.

3. Stop creating content from scratch. There are more tools than ever, not to mention reasons to do it, for sharing digital content across all of your social channels. Stop recreating the wheel by crafting a 500-word blog post and tweeting it; then writing another 600-word blog post and Facebooking that one. Repurpose the content you create in tweet form, Facebook status form, Pinterest pin form, Tumblr post form and whatever else. You’ll build a stronger online presence – and have time to watch American Horror Story, too.

4. Meet new people. Make 2013 the year of meeting new tweeps. One of the coolest benefits of being active on Twitter is the opportunity to connect instantaneously with gazillions of people similar to you – take advantage of it. It’ll benefit your career, your social life, your confidence and more. Check out these 5 great tools for curating your Twitter lists, which will help you hone who to follow and then actually find them in your Twitter stream.

5. Resist “drive by” social media. Take time to become part of the communities you want to reach, by favoriting, retweeting or responding to tweets with a supportive comment or productive contribution to the conversation. This strengthens trust and reciprocation. Don’t be that person that sends endless useless messages out into the Twittersphere targeted at a certain handle or group, like that idiot flailing his arms trying to get on TV.

6. Tweet at 1 p.m. Earlier this month, RadiumOne’s Po.st examined the social sharing data from more than 10,000 publishers and found that 1 p.m. is the ideal time to send tweets. As Shea pointed out in his post about the study, as with most things in the social space, peak posting times are as much art as they are science and can vary dramatically from business to business, and profile to profile. But it’s worth playing around with your tweet times as much as the content you’re tweeting.

Those are our 6 tips. Share your own in the comments.

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