Katrina, Rehnquist and the newsweeklies

Newsweek bump.jpgTime.jpgusNews.gif Obviously, each of the big newsweeklies led with Katrina cover stories and extensive in-depth coverage: Newsweek with their “Pray for Us” package (with, inter alia, a good piece on the incipient health fallout, both physical and mental), Time with the comprehensive “An American Tragedy” and U.S. News & World Report with a less extensive section.

With such packed issues (and with stories no doubt spiked to make room – Iraq, anyone?), there clearly wasn’t room for any other news. Yet when news of Rehnquist’s death came in circa 11pm on Saturday night, at least one newsroom sprang into action: Newsweek, with the issue closed and ready to go to bed, heard the news and, per our source, “ripped up the book to squeeze in 12 columns.” All three newsweeklies have Rehnquist stories on their websites, of course, but only Newsweek managed to get one into print. I will say it again: what a week.

FYI, here are the Rehnquist stories from Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report.

UPDATE: I was mistaken; I have been informed by the good people at Time that they, too, had their Rehnquist item (the one linked above) in the magazine proper: it’s on page 17, the lead item of the “Notebook” section. Totally my bad. I was looking at the websites online for indications of whether the coverage was web-based only or included print; I obviously missed the Time inclusion and for that I apologize. Well done in all cases and thanks for letting us know. Fishbowl: the more you tell us we’re wrong, the more right we get!