Kaplow: “Not Everyone is on Foursquare to Get a Badge”

We met with Kaplow president and CEO Liz Kaplow this morning and talk turned to Foursquare. (Kaplow is the company’s AOR.)

Yesterday, we wrote about Foursquare’s infographic and asked whether it had moved past “early adopters.” Kaplow used a personal anecdote to illustrate how the site can be helpful to a wide range of consumers: she got a good tip on a hair stylist from Foursquare.

According to Kaplow, “the social aspect” of Foursquare is moving it “beyond gaming and the incentive of becoming mayor.” It’s about “enhancing the consumer experience through discovery.”

“Not everyone is on Foursquare to get a badge,” she told us.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley spoke with the Wall Street Journal yesterday from DLD. He talked about Foursquare as a “curated social graph” and highlighted the site’s usefulness for small businesses.

“Foursquare’s future, he suggested, lay in helping the local merchants understand their customers better, to help them identify their best customers and to broker that relationship,” he said in that interview.

Crowley and Groupon’s Andrew Mason sat with Kara Swisher at DLD for a further conversation. Video is below.

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