Kanye West Launched A Business On Twitter Last Night

Music man Kanye West took to Twitter last night in a frenzy, launching a business that would see “as many amazing powerful smart talented wealthy people…” get involved as possible.

If you don’t follow West’s Twitter feed (@KanyeWest), you’re missing out on some gems. He’s taken a stream-of-consciousness approach to tweeting, often going on rants that encompass dozens of tweets. His tweets are so infamous that kids have even made videos reenacting them (a must-watch!).

Last night, West gave his Twitter fans what they love, and went on a frenzied tweeting spree about launching a business that just might take over the world.

He’s apparently looking for a wide (and I do mean wide) variety of professionals to join him in a creative agency that will have the power to affect governments, the school system, jail system, and all the other broken systems of the world.

And he is very serious about tackling pretty much all of the world’s problems. Here are the professionals he’s looking to bring on to the company:

Getting doctors, app guys, DJs and car designers all in one room, working at the same business, is quite the ambitious undertaking. But West is pretty serious about making this business one that will “make products and experiences that people want and can afford…”

He’s naming the initiative DONDA after his mother, Donda West, and it will apparently have more than 22 divisions working on creative projects to make the world a better place.

Of course, it all sounds very ambitious, and I hope he has a business plan somewhere not on Twitter. Still, I like the sentiment behind the business. Making the world a better place is a simple goal, but one that is difficult to reach. West might have some of the funniest tweets of all time under his belt, but here’s hoping that his latest Twitter rant turns into something good.