Kamcord Welcomes YouTubers to its Mobile Gameplay Video Platform

A new update to the Kamcord platform allows YouTubers to upload edited gameplay videos to the gaming social network.


Kamcord, a mobile gaming social platform, which allows users to record and share their best gameplay moments with others, has announced new support for YouTubers on its platform. As part of its Kamcord Creators Program, YouTubers can now upload edited videos directly to Kamcord, for viewing by the community.

Kamcord has rolled this out for existing games with Kamcord’s SDK, and the company will also reach out to YouTubers who record videos for non-SDK games, starting with Supercell’s Clash of Clans. In both cases, this means videos can now include complete commentaries, transitions or any other edits players wish to add to their gameplay before uploading to the network.

In a statement, Aditya Rathnam, co-founder of Kamcord, commented on the decision:

Initially we thought developers would be concerned that edited content would distract users from the gameplay. To our surprise, developers were actually extremely enthusiastic. It turns out they were looking for an avenue to build closer relationships with YouTube influencers and bring content with lots of production value into their games. A lot of folks in the industry believe that working with YouTube influencers lowers user acquisition costs.

Last December, Kamcord raised $15 million in Series B funding for the expansion of its platform. Since then, the network has grown from 25 million to 40 million total videos.

The Kamcord iOS app released in 2014, allowing users to browse or search for creators and gameplay videos, like or comment on content and instantly chat with other users.

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